The next 4 week Mindfulness Meditation course starts on Monday November 19th:

Mindfulness Meditation Nov 2018

Mindfulness is a way of staying connected to what is currently happening in our lives, whether that be eating, walking, conversing, or reading. It is a connection that is infused with awareness. In reality we go through the motions physically, but our minds might as well be on another planet, we are so disconnected. Take eating for example. Normally we are multitasking while we are eating our food. Our minds are probably off in the future, planning and organizing our next activity, totally divorced from the physical sensations of eating. And more than likely we’ll also be checking emails, texting, listening to the radio, or whatever.

Mindfulness brings us back to the present moment. The following breathing meditation is a good place to start your mindfulness practice. Can you stay connected to the sensations of breathing? Give it a try but be forewarned that it is not easy. Don’t be hard on yourself when your mind wanders, because it will. Just keep bringing your awareness back to the feeling of the breath, even if you have to do it 50 times. That’s what the practice of mindfulness is – returning to the present moment over and over again.

All of the meditations can be downloaded by clicking on the green link.


Breathing Meditation for beginners (7 minutes):

beginner breathing meditation

Breathing Meditation (10 minutes)

breathing meditation 10 minutes intermediate

Body Scan (10 minutes)

body scan 10 minutes

Body Scan (20 minutes)

body scan 20 minutes

Here is a link to the Three Minute Breathing Space from the book:

Mindfulness: a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world. by Mark Williams  & Danny Penman

It is an effective way to calm and ground yourself whenever you start to feel agitated or stressed.

three minute breathing meditation

Sounds and Thoughts Meditation (12 minutes)

sounds and thoughts meditation

Open Awareness meditation (19 minutes)

open awareness