Yin Yoga -A slower paced class combining long deep stretches with mindfulness meditation. Perfect for those wanting to get rid of stiffness, enhance their flexibility, improve joint mobility and tame their restless, busy minds. Beginners and pregnant women welcome.

Yoga mixed Level  A hatha style class that includes a variety of poses to improve flexibility, strength, balance and breath. Pilates is skilfully woven in to maximize core strength and to improve alignment & posture.

Yoga Basics* –  This course is for those new to yoga. It does not run continuously so please check news page for current dates. (Next course will be starting on October 30th 2017 – See news page for details.). It is essential to pre-book. After completion of Yoga Basics students can join a Yoga mixed level class.

Mindfulness Meditation* An introduction to mindfulness course. Perfect for those who feel wired, tired and stressed. Learn to relax, hone your awareness and in the words of Mary Oliver, be present for your one “wild and precious life“.   (Next course will be starting on November 9th 2017 – See mindfulness page for details.)

Bridging Yoga – This class provides a bridge for those who want to move from Yoga Basics to mixed level Yoga. It consolidates and builds on what you learned in Yoga Basics. Alternatively it offers a slower and gentler practice for those who prefer this to the more dynamic mixed level style.




All yoga classes cost $14.00 on a casual basis, $120.00 for a concession of 10 classes, or $200 for concession of 20 classes. Private classes are $60 per hour. Workshop prices vary.

The above classes can be paid for in cash or online to the following account:

Suburban Yoga 06 0909 0399172 00


You need a sticky mat to give yourself a secure footing for standing poses. If you have your own, please bring it. If not, I have spares that are free to use. I also provide blocks, bolsters, straps, pillows and blankets to modify poses and for your own comfort.

Wear clothes that do not restrict your movements. Yoga is always done barefoot but bring socks and a warm top for shavasana (relaxation).

It’s not recommended to practise yoga on a full stomach so wait at least an hour after you’ve had something light to eat or longer if you had a big meal.